The simple truth is. Even if you are not an expert in electronics, you'll be able to turn your run-of-the-mill sunglasses in to a hidden spy camera! And all of to get a small cost, with minimum effort and data by you, and with just a couple basic tools and parts. That is the way.

Items you will be needing

You will need black sunglasses, preferably the kind of that wraps around up your eyes and may accommodate a mini camera on its side. The darker the sunglasses, the higher to hide the hidden spy camera.

You will also require a mini spy camera, which you'll get online or from auction houses. If you can, secure a mini spy camera with color capabilities and audio-recording capacities. By doing this, you will have top quality car stereo footages.

You have to to find a mini camcorder for recording it and audio footages. Select a gadget that matches easily for your pocket. With many varieties of camcorders, you might have to work with cargo pants for its wide pockets.

In addition, you ought to buy 24-gauge black wire to increase the wires for the hidden spy camera. Also purchase a 9-volt battery because of its source of energy.

The knowhow important for this particular do-it-yourself project are the trusty wire snips for cutting wires, your soldering gun to solder wires, shrink tubing to guard the wiring, as well as a hot glue gun to install the spy camera to your sunglasses. When you have all of these plus a little patience, well then, your set to generate your own homemade hidden spy camera.

Change the Mini Spy Camera

First, expose the separate wiring inside the camera by peeling off the protective one-wire casing. Employing your wire snips, trim the exposed wires on the spy camera to around 3-4 inches from the camera itself. You should see 4 exposed wires - power, audio, video, and ground. Every one of these should converge into three connectors only - power, car stereo - because the ground wire is linked to all three.

Get a black wire and cut four lengths of about 4 feet. Employing your soldering gun, you may then solder each length to the exposed spy camera wires. After this, you will need to add heat shrink tubing to safeguard the newest connections. Internet sites put finishing touches in your ready-to-be-mounted hidden spy camera by soldering one other wire ends on the appropriate connector end. You'll be able to apply more shrink tubing as required to produce an all-black wire, that could blend along with your black sunglasses.

After thoroughly cleansing the sunglasses, then you're able to mount your modified mini spy camera for the sunglasses' arm. Pick the side which inserts you more comfortably.

Then you definitely connect the car stereo wires of the mini spy camera for a camcorder. Add the 9 volt battery to the power line and you are therefore set to look. Just hide the wires as part of your shirt and so on on your jean pocket.

Enjoy! Now you can shoot car stereo footages using your homemade hidden spy camera! Think about the endless probabilities of this gadget. You should be mindful as laws and ethics can be very totally different from your very own purpose.

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